Dealing with Insurance- Making the most of your claim.

I just finished a NARI (Nation Association of the Remodling Industry) roundtable discussion about dealing with insurance companies. I thought it might be useful to recap what the professionals said about dealing with insurance.

Here’s what we discussed should be considered in your claim.- Costs for:

  • Design- especially if your house, kitchen, garage, etc is a complete loss and needs to be rebuilt
  • Estimating- numerous hours are put into estimating the cost of repairs. A good estimate will be very detailed and will include work needed from all subcontractors involved to complete the job
  • Job supervision- Someone needs to make sure everything goes as specified in the scope of work
  • Overhead- the cost of doing business
  • Permits- required for most large claims
  • Profit-  Everyone needs to make a living
  • Landscaping repair- if any type of exterior work is to be done, chances are the landscaping will get worn/ damaged.
  • Cleanup- of both the site before work begins and after work is done
  • Furniture/ flooring protection- While work is being done so that more damage is not incurred
  • Furniture moving- If it’s in the way, it needs to get moved. Especially important if doing drywall work or painting in a room. It will get messy.
  • Other temporary storage- Large claims may preclude that furniture, appliances, or other large items may need to be stored off site for a period of time
  • Inconvienence- Do you need to stay at a hotel while repairs are being made?

Also keep in mind that if you are a homeowner wanting to do the work yourself, you are not entitled to the same payment of costs as a professional contractor. They won’t pay you for overhead or profit and a handful of other costs.  The pros say one thing “ASK FIRST” before you assume you are covered.

Good Luck



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