Mold Resistant Basement Finishing- InSoFast

Here is great product that makes basement finishing faster and better. The InSoFast system is a closed-cell high density polystyrene foam that is fire-retardant. This type of foam is rated for below grade applications and does not absorb moisture like the open-cell type of bead board. InSoFast is a vapor retarder and is inherently mold resistant. This type of foam is the perfect insulating material for basements.

The InSoFast Benefits:

  • Provides R-10 insulation in only 2 inches saving room in tight spaces.
  • Attachment studs are made of 100% recycled polypropylene. This material has low thermal conductivity yet has extremely high strength characteristics.
  • These studs will never mold or rot and they will not bow or twist, leaving a straight, stable surface for drywall or exterior finishes attachment.
  • The studs can be located with a stud sensor.
  • A unique self-aligning notch system is designed into the InSoFast panels to assure that the panels are installed on the concrete surface in alignment. This keeps the studs and wiring chases aligned.
  • The tongue-and-groove design on the ends of the InSoFast panel help to keep the panels flush on the surface. They are also flashed in such a way as to keep water from traveling to the front side of the panel.
  • Wiring Chases run vertically at 16″ on center and horizontally at 24″ on center in the panels. This grid work of chases provide easy access to pull wiring to any location.
  • Each InSoFast panel has three attachment studs with a ribbed surface to allow the adhesive to maintain a tight adhesion to the wall.
  • The three recessed attachment points on the face of the integrated stud allow for any mechanical fastening that may be needed. Because these attachment points are recessed, hex head masonry screws can be used.

A couple points to keep in mind for this system:

  • Check with local building department to see if they re familiar with the  InSoFast system and to find out what type of inspections and documentation they will require.
  • Most building codes require a 15 minute thermal barrier over foam products. Standard 1/2″ drywall typically meets this requirement.
  • The basement walls must be dry, secure, and relatively flat.
  • Additional mechanical fasteners (screws, nails) may be needed depending on your application.

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