Featured Project- St Paul Bathroom Addition

This month’s featured project is a St Paul bathroom addition. This bathroom won the COTY Award 2011 for Residential Bathroom under $30,000 Honorable Mention.

Since the house only had one bathroom, Johnell thought it was time another one. She met with me to discuss the plan: Add a spa-quality bathroom in the storage space. The challenge was to maximize the space which included the shower, toilet, and vanity while also leaving room for plenty of storage.

Behind the scenes many things needed to happen:

  • Remove the existing wall separating the storage room and bedroom to add two feet to the new bathroom area.
  • Frame a new wall. Add a glass block window.
  • Modify the current plumbing dividing the room and add a toilet, a sink, and a full shower.
  • Install a heat run from the basement through a main floor linen closet and into the bathroom, while still keeping the linen closet functional.
  • Spray foam the angled ceiling to maximize R-value without sacrificing head room.

Then we got to the stuff that the transforms a cramped storage space into a luxurious bathroom:

  • Install custom storage cabinets at two different angles for a seamless appearance.
  • Install vanity and granite countertop.
  • Tile the shower, floor, and the remaining wall space.

The result for Johnell is a spa quality bathroom where the cabinets blend into the angles of the ceiling and transform this uneven, dark and slanted space into a functional, spacious, and royal setting.

Good Luck

Jason- J Carsten Homes


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