Heated Countertops

You have most likely heard of heating your floors, perhaps in a bathroom or other tiled area. But now you can heat your solid-surface countertops as well.

Why Heated Countertops?

Go From Feels Cold to Feels Warm

Although stone countertops are beautiful and luxurious, they have one common problem:  They can feel cold or cool to the touch.  The surface of the stone is indeed room Curved Countertop with heating zone graphic Draft 3temperature, but compared to wood and other non-stone items, the stone feels cold.

FeelsWarm heated countertops raise the temperature of the stone 20 to 25 degrees – just enough to take that initial shock away when leaning on the counter with your arms or touching the surface in the morning.

  • When seated at a countertop using laptops or doing paperwork
  • Ideal for installations in basements and cooler areas
  • For businesses looking to present themselves with a high touch of class
  • Impress others when socializing
  • Extended exposure
  • Improve the feel for sensitive individuals such as the elderly

How it Works

Ultra Thin Heating Element with Uniform Pattern

FeelsWarm heated countertops are fitted with an ultra thin (under .015″ thick) heating element that is custom-engineered for each stone including shape, wattage, and electrical input location.  The FeelsWarm element pattern is precisely designed and installed to overcome the poor thermal characteristics of stone so that an even heated surface is created and that the front edge is the same temperature as the center of the heated zone.

  • Utilizes low voltage (12 Volts) for complete safety
  • Enables custom heated areas within a countertop design
  • May heat only where you commonly touch/rest armsGrey countertop with heating zone graphic Draft 4
  • Control scheme permits temperature adjustment
  • Programmer provides pre-set on-off schedule if desired

Cost of Operating

Heated countertops equipped with FeelsWarm Heating Technology are extremely affordable to operate.  For an average sized island countertop, the power consumption is less than having a 60 Watt light bulb turned on.  Leaving the heater on continuously for 24 hours costs less than 20 cents per day depending upon local electricity rates.

When coupled with the programmer, which enables the heater to be pre-timed to turn off automatically at night, the cost can be cut by 50%. In general, however, this low cost of operation drives customers to leave the heater on continuously.

Good Luck


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