The Sky is not falling!!

Just left the transmission shop after getting some good news. It wasn’t a leak, just a loose plug. That’s great, especially since on Friday I had to spend nearly $800 to fix my truck do to electrical issues. In the whole scheme of things though, even if there had been a leak, the relative cost wouldn’t have been that bad considering how blessed I am.

It made me think about my current work and financial situation. It’s not ideal, but it’s been worse. Much worse. The sky isn’t falling and most likely it never was. It is more likely that my reaction to my situation that made me think the sky is falling.

As I look at my life, the people around me, and my faith in the Lord, it’s clear to see that I am truly blessed. So I will stop complaining and be thankful for what I have and continue to pray for those who are less fortunate than me.

Good Luck

Jason- J Carsten Homes & Remodeling


How big is the moon? What’s your perspective?

When I was in elementary school, there was a story about a king and a contest to see how big the moon really is? There were several people in the story who estimated based on things they knew about- very large items like a house, a whale, a giant boulder for example. But the one person who convinced the king how big it really was, was a small boy. The boy said, “It’s the size of my thumb, because I can put my thumb in front of my eye and the moon gets covered, so it must be this big.”

The moral of the story (paraphrased more or less), is that it depends on your perspective. I think about all of my life and I think that this moral can be applied to just about everything. Is the weather too hot, too dry, too cold, too wet? Is the sky falling in your life or is everything A-OK?

Depends on your perspective.

The one thing I learned in life is that I should be thankful for everything- good or seemingly bad. My perspective is that the good Lord has given me everything for a reason and my job is to learn from it.

Good Luck