J Carsten Remodeling earns CKBR certification

J Carsten is pleased to earn the CKBR certification from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

CKBRs (Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodelers) provide remodeling services specific to kitchens and bathrooms. To become a CKBR, candidates must possess skills and knowledge focused on the requirement of materials, layout, and installation of kitchens and bathrooms.

To qualify for the CKBR designation, applicants must meet all of the following:

  • Be employed by or own a firm engaged in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms
  • Adhere to NARI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Have a minimum of five years continuous experience in the remodeling industry
  • Have completed 4 kitchens and/or bathrooms per year
  • Completed 16 hours of continuing education
  • Successfully completed a comprehensive application that details their background and experience
  • Successfully complete a one-day written examination on business, construction, and remodeling practices related to kitchen and bathrooms
  • Submit all required application materials and fees

What is NARI?

NARI is a not-for-profit trade association representing the largest network of professional remodelers in the United States, with over 7,500 members nationwide and 60 local NARI Memberchapters.

As the only national association dedicated solely to the remodeling industry, NARI brings together leading trade professionals from all over the country. NARI promotes ethical and sound business practices for the benefit of America’s homeowners as well as for the industry.

NARI was founded in March of 1983 with the merger of the National Remodelers Association (NSA) and the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC).

NARI Mission:

To develop and sustain programs that expand and unite the industry, and that ensure its continued growth and security.

NARI Vision:

To become the primary remodeling resource for homeowners and professional members alike by providing information, education, and mentorship to the community at large.

Good Luck

Jason- J Carsten Remodeling


J Carsten Homes wins ACE Award

2012 Achievement in Consumer Excellence Award

National Association of the Remodeling Industry, MN Chapter

NARI of MN is proud to announce the newest recipient of the Achievement in Consumer  Excellence (ACE) award. The ACE award recognizes companies that provide outstanding service in quality, responsiveness, meeting deadlines, professionalism, and communication. JCarsten Homes is a recipient of the NARI of MN Achievement in Consumer Excellence award.

What is the ACE Award? ACE – Achievement in Consumer Excellence is a consumer rated award program that recognizes NARI MN members who provide exemplary service. All members who provide products or services to consumers are eligible. Member companies of all types and sizes can be recognized as ACE Award recipients based on consumer evaluations of their work.

The ACE Award recognizes members who receive an average score of 4 (out of apossible 5) on five criteria: quality, responsiveness, meeting deadlines, professionalism, and communication. Consumers who have directly worked with the NARI member rate them in each of the five areas. To qualify members must receive an average score of 4, with no score in any individual category lower than a 3. Members who receive the required scores on a minimum of five surveys are recognized as a NARI MN ACE Award recipient.

Good Luck

Jason- J Carsten Homes

Dealing with Insurance- Making the most of your claim.

I just finished a NARI (Nation Association of the Remodling Industry) roundtable discussion about dealing with insurance companies. I thought it might be useful to recap what the professionals said about dealing with insurance.

Here’s what we discussed should be considered in your claim.- Costs for:

  • Design- especially if your house, kitchen, garage, etc is a complete loss and needs to be rebuilt
  • Estimating- numerous hours are put into estimating the cost of repairs. A good estimate will be very detailed and will include work needed from all subcontractors involved to complete the job
  • Job supervision- Someone needs to make sure everything goes as specified in the scope of work
  • Overhead- the cost of doing business
  • Permits- required for most large claims
  • Profit-  Everyone needs to make a living
  • Landscaping repair- if any type of exterior work is to be done, chances are the landscaping will get worn/ damaged.
  • Cleanup- of both the site before work begins and after work is done
  • Furniture/ flooring protection- While work is being done so that more damage is not incurred
  • Furniture moving- If it’s in the way, it needs to get moved. Especially important if doing drywall work or painting in a room. It will get messy.
  • Other temporary storage- Large claims may preclude that furniture, appliances, or other large items may need to be stored off site for a period of time
  • Inconvienence- Do you need to stay at a hotel while repairs are being made?

Also keep in mind that if you are a homeowner wanting to do the work yourself, you are not entitled to the same payment of costs as a professional contractor. They won’t pay you for overhead or profit and a handful of other costs.  The pros say one thing “ASK FIRST” before you assume you are covered.

Good Luck