Parade of Homes- A great time to look at new designs

The Parade of Homes has started. And spring is coming soon- depsite the fresh coating of snow we have received in the great white north. The Parade is great opportunity to get OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAout there and get ideas for a new space in your home, regardless if you are looking for a new home or just a new kitchen. Below are a couple of ideas to making the most out of the Parade.

Determine your need

Figure out what you want and need. Even the best remodeler can’t provide solutions when you haven’t figured out the problem.

  • Examine your family’s lifestyle. Determine what fits how you live in your current home, and what doesn’t. Make a list and then prioritize it into a wish list and break down the list into 1) must have, 2) nice to have, 3) nice to have, but could live without
  • Take a good look at your home, your lot, your neighborhood. What needs to be updated or repaired? Do you have room to expand outwards? Will property values in the neighborhood support your planned improvements?
  • Figure out how much you are willing to spend.
  • Keep a scrapbook of pictures and articles from magazines and books to get ideas about style and features you like.

Homes to look at

When you start looking at which homes to look at, error toward the more expensive ones.  If you only look at homes that are in the same price category as your own homes, you are less likely to get new ideas. More expensive homes may have been constructed with the use of an interior designer or architect, which may give you ideas that you may not have thought of.

Take notes

While most homes will not allow you to take pictures, you can take notes on spaces that imagesworked well. Some builders may also have pictures of their models online so that you can capture their work for a scrap book.


The Parade of Homes runs from March 2-24 with the Remodeler’s Showcase running March 22-24.

Good Luck


J Carsten Remodeling